Meet Lauren

Owner | Designer | Wife | Mom

Hi, I’m Lauren Smit, a wife, mom, designer and the owner of Lauren Graphics. I have built my business from the ground up, while pregnant and then as a sleep-deprived new mom, and I have loved every second of it. I pride myself in learning how my business flourishes, in order to understand my client’s business and how I can help them.

Having worked in design for over  7 years I have found a deep appreciation for every step that makes up the brand and marketing process. I find it fascinating how each brand develops and clearly portrays the message behind a business. I realised early on in my career how much a brand can help or hinder a business, how marketing is more than just pushing out promotional products, but about having a consistent, authentic online presence, and crucially, the impact that a great brand and marketing plan can have on the success of our business. 

A good way to describe me is ambitious and committed. I don’t easily give up when it comes to my dreams, my clients, my family and my community. When I take on a client I learn to love their business as much as I love my own.

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