4 Things between you and consistent clients

The amazing thing about getting consistent clients is that it really starts with clarity and direction in your business. 

I see a lot of business owners going through the motions of “marketing” their business, however, it isn’t leading to clients because their brand, content and the way they are showing up, isn’t clear to anyone. (Including themselves)

Here are the 4 top mistakes I see business owners making when trying to bring in a consistent stream of clients.

Your brand isn’t a true reflection of the level of your business. 

You’re still playing it small which means you’re getting clients here and there, but they aren’t consistent and you’re starting to wonder whether you’ll ever have a consistent income. 

You aren’t making the decisions needed to up-level and show up as the successful you. This means you aren’t deciding exactly who your ideal client is and honing in on your zone of genius. You are also not actively building your reputation!

This results in a brand that doesn’t know what to look like and who to reflect…

  • Should it reflect everyone you target?
  • What about all the different things you offer?
  • Which part of YOU should it reflect?

When you aren’t clear about the direction of your business, then your brand, content and marketing are confusing your potential clients.

You aren’t showing up consistently. 

Consistency in your marketing efforts means that you are posting relevant content daily and using your brand effectively. (aka building your reputation)

When you show up consistently you are doing a couple of things:

  1. You are staying top of mind amongst your audience. Anytime that they need the solutions you offer, you’re the first person they’ll think of


  2. You are showing up as the expert and showing your expertise to the world


  3. You are building trust and recognition using your visual brand EVERYWHERE


  4. You are building up a library of resources that you can use to help potential clients with… This means when a new potential client comes your way with a problem that you addressed in a post, blog post or video.. you can easily send them to it. This immediately shows them your expertise, gives them a reason to follow you and get to know and trust you.

Inconsistent marketing also happens when business owners immerse themselves in client work and forget to market their own business.  Once a client project is finished panic mode sets in because they have no idea where their next client is coming from.

When you have a marketing strategy that works, it means you have a plan to show up consistently, a brand that is a true reflection of you, a process that brings new potential clients to your doorstep and the confidence to land clients whenever you want. P.S This is what I help my clients do


You aren’t making yourself visible

Being successful means making yourself known to people and being willing to put yourself out there. I know, for a lot of you, this can be scary. I felt this way too but staying hidden and in your comfort zone isn’t going to get you any clients… because unfortunately .. if we could snap our fingers for clients to come our way… I wouldn’t be here writing this blog 😉

We need to be making ourselves visible

  • By using our visual brand uniformly on every piece of our online marketing to ensure recognition and trust. 
  • By actively building our network
  • By speaking up 

So, what does networking look like? 

It means making friends, building relationships, getting to know your people and having conversations – coffee chats and business chats, making yourself heard online and speaking up.

It’s the same as in any social situation. If you’re going to sit in the corner at a social event and keep to yourself, you’re going to seem unapproachable and overlooked. The people who speak up and make conversations are the ones who are remembered and the ones who have friends.

The saying goes… “it’s about who you know” and the amazing thing about the internet is that it’s also about ”who knows you..” Especially in the online world, people can get to know us by visiting our social profiles, watching our videos and reading our content while we sleep. And this is where your brand plays a pertinent role in marketing your business effectively.


Fear… Fears are keeping you from consistent clients

The biggest part of inconsistent clients is FEAR that’s holding you back from all the things I’ve mentioned above… It’s paralysing you and unless you actively work through your mindset and fears, you are unable to get to a place where consistent clients are possible. 

We all experience fears in our businesses, it’s completely normal but we have to work through them to bring movement back into our marketing efforts and business. 

Some of the fears that you might be experiencing are:

  • not being good enough
  • Uncertain about how to find your voice or what you want to be known for
  • not being able to handle success
  • worrying about getting client results
  • and so so much more…

These fears are keeping you from clarifying who you are targeting, what service you’re focusing on and it’s keeping you from embodying your successful self now.

Sometimes we aren’t even aware of fears until we are pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.

In order for us to overcome our fears, we have to manage our thoughts. AND I say “manage” because it doesn’t magically go away (I know, we all wish it would 😉 ) We consistently have to find evidence to disprove the fears that we are facing to step into our successful self. I do this through journaling mostly, but for everyone, this might be different.


Our feelings are directly linked to our actions, and if we aren’t managing our thoughts and feelings, then our actions just don’t happen. So don’t let your thoughts keep you from getting clients. 

FINALLY, step into your successful self NOW  to see results. Ask yourself “What would my successful self be doing in this situation?” and start showing up and making decisions as if you were already successful.

Working on these four steps in your marketing is what’ll get you to consistent clients faster because 95% of the trouble is mindset and self-sabotage. 


“There will always be someone who won’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you” – @loveforaqueen

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