How I prime potential clients to say yes on discovery calls

It’s a struggle to get a yes on discovery calls, especially when we’re spending most of that call trying to ‘convince’ that person to work with us. When, in actual fact, if your potential client is primed before hopping on the call, they’re already convinced of you and your services.

Now, I’m not saying that every call will be a yes, but what I am saying is that priming your ideal clients means more discovery calls ending in HELL YES and very few calls making you feel like you’ve just begged someone to work with you.

And this is how I do it…These are the steps I take to prime potential clients to work with me before getting on a discovery call. 

Firstly, because I know exactly who my ideal client is, I know where to find and connect with them. I make conversations, I reach out and I bring them into my main online space, my Facebook Group, where I nurture and continue marketing to them. 

Understanding who your ideal client is and where to find them means that you are building an audience filled with the right kinds of potential clients. If you aren’t showing up in front of the right people every day, then your efforts to prime potential clients will go to waste because either they won’t book calls to work with you, or you’ll realise on the call that you aren’t a good fit.

Now that I have my audience, continuously growing with ideal clients, I am consistently showing up and engaging with them.

I show up consistently in two ways:

  1. I show up every day marketing myself and my business. (yes, I market myself, because that’s ultimately why my potential clients buy from me, they connect well with my personality and my style) 
  2. I’m using my brand consistently. Wherever I show up online, I’m using the same visual imagery, colors and designs. Creating a look and feel that’s specific to me and my business. Through doing this I have managed to build recognition and trust amongst my followers. They immediately know it’s me posting and because of the value I offer through the content I post, they read what I have to say and start trusting me. 

Building this trust with your audience is one of the most important parts of priming your potential clients. When they have no doubt in you and your work, you’ll be hearing yes on discovery calls right from the get-go. 

The final steps in my process are:

  1. Listening to my ideal clients and understanding what they need and want to hear from me. If you aren’t certain where to start recognising what your audience wants to hear, then ask the right people if they’d be willing to answer some questions for you. Do some market research.
  2. Creating value posts, training and helping my potential clients where I can. Giving them free advice and helping them, genuinely, get ahead. 
  3. Nurturing my audience by connecting with them. Finding out how it’s going with them, where I can help, whether I have a training to point them too. I’m developing relationships. 

It takes about 3 months for new potential clients to go from strangers to buyers because by this point, they have heard enough of me and from me, to reach out and ask for my help! What’s even better is when those clients reach out even earlier. It’s happened.

Marketing your business to the right people is a consistency game. Consistently showing up + giving value = clients rolling in and a successful business.

Want to bring in more clients?

wink, wink, nudge, nudge… of course you do

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