What your clients need from you

We are in our own heads 24/7. There’s no getting past that. It can be really challenging trying to stay focused on the right things in our business because we’re constantly focusing on ourselves, our feelings and our circumstances. It isn’t necessarily a selfish thing, it just is, but being aware of this means that we can consciously shift our focus AND also realise that this is what our clients are currently ‘dealing’ with too… their emotions, feelings and circumstances.

That saying “Leave your personal life behind when going to work or leave work at work when going home” Isn’t something I believe in, especially when running and building your own business.

When we build our businesses we bring along all of us. We bring along the daughter, wife, mother, sister and friend in us. We bring along our feelings and thoughts and there’s no separating the two.

So, what does this have to do with our clients and business?

There are two main factors here that we need to take care of and be aware of while building our businesses…


We need to take care of ourselves and our thoughts because we’re bringing them along while running our businesses. Mindset is everything when building a successful business. 

The saying goes “You need to believe before you can see” and that is what makes the difference between business owners that take action and are successful and those that are struggling.

We need to believe that:

  •  We’ll Be successful
  • Clients are on their way to work with us
  • We are deserving of money

AND the list goes on!

Our thoughts, feelings and actions are directly linked to one another. If we’re feeling down about a certain situation, then we resist taking action because we don’t want to ‘face’ that situation. The opposite happens when we do feel good about a situation and our circumstances.  We take action, show up and move our businesses forward. So if we believe good things are possible for our business, we take positive action.

When we take care of our mindset, we are consciously aware of what thoughts are keeping us captive and managing how we move forward from it.


We make it personal.

Many of us take things extremely personally…

  • nobody commented on my post, 
  • no one reached out, 
  • I put so much effort into this and no one saw how hard I worked

It happens to all of us, because we are consciously aware of what’s happening around us and what’s ‘not’. BUT here’s the thing… Our clients are not worried about what’s happening with us and as hard as it is to hear this when we take a moment to think about it, it should give you a sense of relief.

Your potential clients aren’t personally ‘attacking’ you just because they aren’t commenting or engaging with your content. They’re just really busy with their own life. They are occupied with their emotions and circumstances. Our clients are just as much in their own head as you are in yours and when we take this as a good thing, we have the upper hand. Now we can focus on getting in their heads and challenge ourselves to penetrate their little world they’re stuck in! We can focus on creating content that they need to hear. That will ‘wake’ them up and make them aware of you. We can shift our focus from what we’re feeling and ‘not’ doing and start showing up to dig into how we can make our clients focus on us and put the emphasis back on them. 

This is what our clients need from us. Staying stuck and not showing up isn’t benefitting you and your family or your clients. However, managing your mind and being curious as to how you can get your audience to listen to you, can help you learn and grow quickly.

So, how do we stay curious about what’s happening?

I’m always saying that we need to take a step back from our emotions and have a look at what’s happening, logically. Ask yourself what’s working and what isn’t. Dig deeper into what’s ‘really’ happening and make your situation a logical one.

Asking yourself some of these questions:

  • Do I truly understand what my clients need from me?
  • Why am I not getting the engagement that I’m looking for? 
  • How do I change this?
  • What is my end goal? And how do I reverse engineer the steps to get there?

Keep the focus on your potential clients… don’t make assumptions about what they’re thinking, doing and feeling about you. Social media can hide so much of what’s actually going on so just be sure not to assume anything. 

Managing our mindset is what gets us to the next level in our business. Don’t let your thoughts sabotage the success you know you are capable of.

Want to bring in more clients?

wink, wink, nudge, nudge… of course you do

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